Sonia Lakhany

Sonia Lakhany is the Managing Attorney at Lakhany Law, PC an intellectual property firm specializing in trademark law with offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles. In addition to her law practice, Sonia teaches trademark and is a frequent speaker and blogger on brand protection. She is also active on several boards and committees in the Atlanta and Los Angeles legal communities.

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Sonia is passionate about protecting her clients’ brands and is considered a rising expert in her field. Her work has not gone unrecognized, as she has been featured in dozens of magazine and news articles, as well as on radio and television.

Sonia earned her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Southern California, Juris Doctor at Emory, and Masters of Law coursework in Intellectual Property at George Washington University. Prior to starting her own law practice, Sonia practiced for several years at firms in Washington, DC and Atlanta.

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