Quarterly 2-day CEO Intensives

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Are you tired of WORKING YOUR HEINIE OFF daily and yet still waking up TIRED and UNHAPPY with the current STATUS OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNT? 

Maybe you are even UNCERTAIN if you are even working on the “RIGHT” things to actually GROW your business. 

This Quarter's Theme: Focus

Identify what you’ve been focusing on vs what you should be focusing on to drive revenue in your business in Q4. 

Develop your 90-day game plan for Q4 success

What is a CEO Intensive? 

2 full days designed to help you find focus, clarity, and maximum productivity in your life and business!

What if you allowed yourself 2- days each quarter to step-out of your normal work space and day-to-day responsibilities IN your business, to actually work ON your business? 

We have found over the last several years, working alongside other female Entrepreneurs, that there seems to be a common theme among us. We know WHAT TO DO, but we are STRUGGLING TO create the white space to actually GET THINGS DONE!

SO… We decided to offer a solution!

When: September 12-13th, 2019

Where: JoyCo – "The Space for Joyful Productivity" - 5555 Oakbrook parkway suite 540, Norcross, GA 30093

JoyCo’s main focus is to provide a space that women can be most productive in. It includes all sorts of resources to help you grow your business and thrive!

Who this intensive for? :

Women Entrepreneurs who are…

- Struggling with feeling overwhelmed

- Tired of attending endless, expensive workshops with fluffy content

- Feeling frustrated by the lack of progress/revenue growth despite their hard work

- Feeling disorganized

- Struggling with consistent distractions

- Struggling with a lack of focus

- Feeling behind in productivity

- Struggling with execution!

- Wanting feedback on their next right move

What is included? :

· 6 hours of NO FLUFF content & practical tools to grow your business

· 90-day business growth plan workbook

· ALL meals included – Breakfast, lunch, and a light dinner

· 30 min 1-on-1 coaching session with one of our certified business coaches

· 16 hours of the white space to actually GET THINGS DONE! (2-day passes @ JoyCo - $40 value)

· Unlimited use of our on-site podcast, film, and photo studio

· 70 ft of whiteboard walls, perfect for brainstorming & strategic planning

· Community that provides accountability AND support



Day 1:

· 8:30-9am- Check-in & Networking Breakfast

· 9-12pm - Practical Tools to help you identify what you’ve been focusing on and what you should be focusing on.

· 12-1pm - Lunch (included in package!)

· 1-9pm - Spend the remainder of your day in JoyCo’s productivity lab actually working ON your business utilizing the tools & strategies learned earlier in the day. Business coaches will be available during this time for questions and support.

(Dinner also included in package!)

Day 2:

· 8:30am - Networking Breakfast

· 9-12pm - Practical tools to help you develop the strategies and an intentional plan to avoid an overwhelming load of information in your business.

· 12-1pm - Lunch (included in package)

· 1-9pm – Spend the remainder of your day in JoyCo’s productivity lab actually working ON your business utilizing the tools & strategies learned earlier in the day. Business coaches will be available during this time or questions and support.

(Dinner also included in package!)

Investment: $149 included all meals both days

Space is limited to only 15 women entrepreneurs per quarter! 

Meet our team of coaches:

Meet Natalie Joy –

I’m Natalie Joy, the founder and owner of JoyCo!

Before opening JoyCo, I worked in the corporate world for 13 years, consulting with small to medium businesses, focusing on scaling at a rate of 5x growth. I realized quickly that I had a real passion for the critical thinking and strategic elements of this work and loved it! Although 90% of my clients were male, I found myself especially excited by the successes of my female clients.

In 2016, I received my certification as an executive, strategic business coach and launched my own business and I began a year-long program with 27 inspiring women entrepreneurs. After two consecutive years of coaching, I was convinced of the beneficial impact a community can have on your business. I saw a need and decided to begin a new chapter from there!

Over the past year, we have built a physical location and expanded our focus from just business coaching to also hosting over a dozen monthly community networking events for women professionals and entrepreneurs. Most recently we opened our space M-F for women-only coworking and event rentals on nights & weekends. Our space is focused on providing a place for women to work together, grow together, strategize together, and celebrate together! We believe no woman should ever feel alone in business because you don't have to! Let’s do this together!

Meet Katlyn Bryan-

Koach Katlyn is an Inspirational Speaker, TV Host, Success Koach, and Author. She holds her Masters Degree in Global Organizational Leadership from Regent University and is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. Katlyn has worked with organizations, such as, Free Chapel, Growing Leaders Inc., was Miss Georgia International Miss 2013 & is the current 2019 Mrs. Georgia United States!

Koach Katlyn’s SPECIALITY IS IDENTITY. She is an expert at partnering with individuals, business, churches, and organizations to assist them in identifying their ultimate goals, their brand, and the steps it will take them to get maximum results.

Katlyn lives to encourage, empower, and equip individuals and organizations to operate at their fullest potential. Katlyn has spoken at numerous conferences, schools, churches, youth events, women’s events, and done a variety of training seminars. She has also done a variety of personal coaching, group coaching, church coaching, and business/organizational coaching. Katlyn is also a creative writer and is an author, curriculum writer, and avid blogger.

As someone who has had to overcome a life-threatening eating disorder, a speech impediment, bullying, and numerous obstacles, Katlyn is passionate about motivating people and mobilizing organizations to push past adversity to do and be their best! Koach Katlyn has learned and deeply believes that individuals and organizations can fulfill their dreams with a partner along the journey. She fervently seeks to be that partner and journey with individuals and organizations to see them reach their greatest potential!

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