Kim Maxwell, CPA

It’s been said that “Kim Maxwell is unlike any accountant you’ve ever met”.  Kim’s heart is in helping others understand accounting and teaching them how to do it themselves.  Her philosophy really is to teach others to fish and feed them for a lifetime, give them a fish and feed them for a day. 

Natalie will help you succeed in Business Strategy.

Kim understands adult learning and loves witnessing others tap into their own potential.  Kim herself completed her undergrad from Clayton State University, her Master’s in Business Administration from Georgia State University and completed her CPA certification all while married with 3 children.  Born and raised in Indiana, her husband moved her to GA in 1992.  Although blessed to be able to stay home with her children for over a decade, she began to want more.   This desire to grow herself is what drove her to go back to school.  After completing her BBA in December 2002, she began working in public accounting.   Where she helps small business owners start and or grow their dream while growing themselves in the process. 

Products this expert offers:

Hourly Consulting